Bringing bad actors to justice

Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) works with brands, law enforcement, and customers across the globe to stop bad actors and to hold them accountable.
Bringing bad actors to justice

Detecting counterfeit globally

We partner closely with brands to collect rich information about their intellectual property and products through Amazon Brand Registry, 365游戏平台, and Transparency, to detect, investigate, and remove counterfeit items from our stores and identify bad actors as targets for prosecution all over the world.
Amazon detecting counterfeit globally
Amazon takes action against bad actors

Taking action against bad actors

We work closely with brands to stop counterfeiters by referring cases to law enforcement, undertaking investigations, and pursuing litigation to seize counterfeit products and get justice for rights owners.

Disrupting counterfeit networks

Together, we identify and pursue counterfeiters at every link in their supply chain, affecting manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and financial resources, to reclaim illicit funds and deter counterfeiters from continuing their operations in our stores.
Amazon disrupts counterfeit networks

How does CCU work?

Amazon uses every tool to resolve counterfeit in our stores
We use every tool at our disposal to find and remove counterfeit from our stores
Amazon works with brands to pursue counterfeiters
We work with brands of all sizes, and independently if necessary, to pursue counterfeiters
Evidence to stop criminals
Our combined efforts give law enforcement the evidence to stop criminals in their tracks
We pursue legal consequences
Together, we continue to pursue legal consequences against counterfeiters for their actions

Latest Activity

New partnerships, lawsuits, and noteworthy stories about the Counterfeit Crimes Unit.


August 9, 2021
Jointly files suit with Amazon against camera accessory counterfeiters


June 24, 2021
Works with Amazon to file suit against counterfeiters of Dixit


June 10, 2021
Files lawsuits with Amazon against infringers of Champion

Salvatore Ferragamo

February 11, 2021
Files joint lawsuits against defendants deceiving customers on product authenticity

National IPR Center

February 5, 2021
Targets Super Bowl LV counterfeits with ‘Operation Fulfilled Action’


December 3, 2020
Works with Amazon to file suit against counterfeiters of Rambler® and other YETI products

Eligibility requirements

As a brand, you must

  • Be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry with an active registered trademark.
  • Identify that your goods were counterfeited and available on Amazon.

As law enforcement, you must

Have an open and active investigation that:
  • Involves counterfeit or potential counterfeit, and
  • Establishes a good faith belief that the subject of your investigation is an Amazon seller.
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